Anemia: what do you need to know?

Do you have children or relatives who keep having a lack of blood in their body? Do you know that this regular lack of blood can cause their death? Indeed, this chronic disease is very dangerous for all those who suffer from it, so it is important to control it. So, find out in this article, its cause, symptoms and how to treat it.

The causes of anemia

The disease called anemia is a chronic lack of red blood cells in the body of all people who suffer from it, there are several types. Being several, they are caused by several factors that should not be neglected. In fact, knowing the causes of this disease speeds up its treatment.
Indeed, these different types of anemia can be caused by an iron deficiency, a lack of vitamins in the body and an accelerated breakdown of your red blood cells. It can also be caused by bleeding and bone marrow disease or heavy menstruation.

The symptoms of anemia

This chronic disease affects many people, whether they are adults or teenagers, to see it, you need to know the symptoms of its manifestation which can be severe. Indeed, anyone who suffers from anemia will have persistent severe fatigue and headaches.
Many of the symptoms of this disease also include pallor that is visible on the inside of your eyelids, on your nails and on your lips. In addition, there is also shortness of breath when you are working or resting and difficulty concentrating.

Natural treatments for anemia

Knowing the causes and symptoms of this disease, you can thus, easily treat it. For this purpose, you can treat your anemia with foods and fruits. Indeed, by consuming these, you provide your body with iron, vitamins, and minerals that should not be missing.
In fact, even if you treat your anemia naturally, it is necessary that you avoid eating certain foods. These include avoiding tea, coffee, and wheat.